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Sports and Performance Psychology



Our Team


Our psychologists use evidence-based treatments to deal with a wide variety of sport and performance related issues.


Dr. Ben Snyder


Dr. Snyder is an active member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and has extensive knowledge and experience with a wide range of competitive activities, including: basketball, baseball, football, golf, swimming, distance running, soccer, and video gaming.  Additionally, Dr. Snyder has experience and training helping individuals in the performing arts including theater and public speaking

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Dr. Geoff Peal


Dr. Peal has worked with athletes in a variety of performance-related activities, such as hockey, basketball, football, volleyball, wrestling, golf, and running.  Dr. Peal also has an interest in competitive gaming performance and the specific needs related to E-sports and has experience in competitive games such as Overwatch, CS:GO, and others over the past 17 years across a variety of platforms.

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Dr. Abigail Saneholtz


Dr. Saneholtz has expertise in treating women’s issues, anxiety management and self-esteem, as well as, perfectionism, body image issues and coping with medical illness/injury.  She has prior training in biofeedback and interests in mindfulness meditation and health/wellness activities. During her previous position at USF’s Counseling Center, she provided therapy and consultative services to USF athletes and general students.


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We have a variety of packages to fill your performance needs:


Gold Package    

  • In-depth assessment of key areas of performance

  • Identification of areas of strength and areas of needed improvement

  • Goal-setting session (45 minutes)

  • 8 performance skill-building sessions

  • Follow-up session


Silver Package

  • Standard assessment of key areas of performance

  • Identification of areas of strength and areas of needed improvement

  • Goal–setting session (45 minutes)

  • 6 performance skill-building sessions

  • Follow-up session


Bronze Package

  • Screening of key areas of performance

  • Overview of areas needed for improvement

  • 4 performance skill-building sessions


Individual consultation sessions and coaching/parent seminars are also available.  

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